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The Big Kiddos


Teacher Dominique


I need to say something professional and engaging since my giant headed boss has his profile two spots over from mine.

I've been teaching for years and I love being part of the journey for our students.  To see them grow and develop in so many ways makes the difficult days worth it.  

I'm thankful for the best co-teacher there is, Teacher Vanessa.  

Fun Fact...

Kurt hasn't had a full head of hair since about 1998.

Fun Fact Part II...

I enjoy having multiple coffee deliveries a day.

Teacher Vanessa


Like Dominique I'm unsure why our boss has posted up on our classroom page.  Thankfully our doorway isn't big enough to accommodate his head so he doesn't come by often.

In my off hours from HELP I'm working on my Early Childhood Education degree.  

I enjoy the challenges of our classroom, the kids keep me on my toes without a doubt.  

Fun Fact...

Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins.


work in prog.png

Our teacher profiles are on the way...come back soon!!




I'm Teacher Kurt...

I don't really teach in this classroom regularly but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once so I now consider myself an expert.  


Fun Fact...

I had a full head of hair before teaching in this classroom!

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